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August 12th, 2010

YouTube Results Show on AGT

Four Acts from YouTube Are Voted Straight Through to the Semi-Finals

America has voted for their favorites from the 12 talents chosen for the “America’s Got Talent” YouTube auditions. The 12 acts performed on the big Hollywood stage for the very first time last night. Did they handle the pressure? The 12 contestants in the running to go on to the semi-finals are (in alphabetical order): Austin Anderson, Booker Forte, Cam Hodges, Dan Sperry, Dylan Plummer, Jackie Evancho, Kristina Young, Maestro Alexander Bui, PLUtonic, Pizza Patt, Pup, and Ryan Rodriguez. On this episode of AGT, special guests Quick Change, Evolution of Dance and Lin You Chun all have YouTube clips that have gone viral.

The Seventeenth Semi-Finalist on “America’s Got Talent”
The first four YouTube talents to be called to the stage were the (non) accordion player Pup, dough tosser Pizza Patt, pianist Maestro Alexander Bui and comedian Austin Anderson. The young concert pianist is the first YouTube act to be sent to the semi-finals on “America’s Got Talent.”

“Quick Change” on “America’s Got Talent”
Now we take a break from the voting results as “Quick Change,” former contestants on AGT, take the stage. I’ll say what everyone else is saying, “How DOES she do that?”

“The Evolution of Dance” on “America’s Got Talent
Inspirational comedian Judson Laipply (149,248,141 views) was looking for something that all age groups could relate to so he came up with “The Evolution of Dance.”

The Eighteenth Semi-Finalist on “America’s Got Talent”
The next trio of talents to be called to the stage was jump roper Dylan Plummer, scary magician Dan Sperry, and dancer Booker Forte. To choose the winner from these three was easy. Dan Sperry who made Howie jump up and run away (and yes, it was funny Howie) is the eighteenth semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent.”

“Lin Yu Chun” on “America’s Got Talent”
Now it’s time to take another break from “America’s Got Talent” as Lin Yu Chun from Taiwan takes the stage and performs “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Lin Yu Chun has over 10 million hits with a clip on YouTube.

The Nineteenth Semi-Finalist on “America’s Got Talent”
Next only two acts are called to the stage – dancer Ryan Rodriguez and the young opera singer Jackie Evancho. Poor Ryan; he knows he doesn’t stand a chance of going forward standing next to Jackie who took America by storm last night with her big singing voice. Jackie is the nineteenth semi-finalist and if the Hoff were still here he’d say, “She’s what this show is all about!”

The Twentieth Semi-Finalist on “America’s Got Talent”
The fourth and final trios of talents left to be called onto the stage were singer/comedian/geeks PLUtonic, singer Cam Hodges and singer Kristina Young. The 6th place act from last night, PLUtonic is eliminated leaving the judges to pick between Kristina and Cam. Howie votes for Cam saying he thinks he has more to give; Sharon disagrees and votes for Kristina leaving Piers with the deciding vote which he casts for Kristina.

Tune in Tuesday, August 17, as the judges give their favorite 12 acts that did not make the cut from the Top 48 a second chance to go further in the competition. Talents competing in the wild card show will be (in alphabetical order): Anna & Patryk (young ballroom dancers), CJ Dippa (young rapper/dancer), Connor Doran (indoor kite flyer), Doogie Horner (comedian), Harmonica Pierre (harmonica musician), Hot Shot Tap Dancers (sibling tap dancers), Kruti Dance Company (Indian dance group), Michael Grasso (magician), Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon ((aerialists acrobats), RNG (hip hop dancers), Rudi Macaggi (dangerous acrobat), and Swing Shift Side Show (circus side show act).

America’s Got Talent YouTube Results Show aired Wednesday, August 11 at 9 pm ET on NBC.


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