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July 10th, 2012

Love is in the Air on “Falling Skies”

Plus New Aliens are on the Horizon

Photo/Image by  Xeworlebi © Wikimedia Commons

Photo/Image by Xeworlebi © Wikimedia Commons

Despite being in the middle of a revolution against two different types of alien beings, the Skitters and the Mechs, there is love in the air on “Falling Skies.” It doesn’t take a genius to see that after numerous missions together a deep friendship has formed between Hal (Drew Roy) and his mission partner, Maggie (Sarah Carter). When the two are out on a scouting mission they have to take cover in a small car from the Mechs heading their way. While the Mechs trudge by them slowly, they are unaware of the romance coming to light in the tight confines of the partner’s hideaway where Maggie is literally having to lie on top of Hal to stay out of sight. While facing possible death, Hal realizes he has deep feelings for Maggie and will do anything to protect her. He can’t lose another girl like when his first love, Karen (Jessy Schram), was taken from him by the Skitters right before his eyes. But Maggie blocks Hal’s advances.

According to,  a harnessed Karen will return in a future episode where Hal will immediately take her side while the rest of the 2nd Mass is leary of her intentions. But through all the turmoil Karen brings to the camp, Maggie never leaves Hal’s side and is in fact the only one that can get through to him.

Recently revealed is that the Skitter known as “Red Eye” (they had to do something to distinguish one Skitter from another) is apparently the leader of a Skitter revolution against the Mechs and they want to team up with the humans. Of course all the humans, including Tom (Noah Wyle) who was rescued by Red Eye when he was on the alien ship, have their doubts about his true intentions. Executive producer Remi Aubichon promises that even though the Skitters may become allies, there are still plenty of human-hunting creatures who have yet to be seen. Aubichon also reveals that in the August 5 episode titled “Death March,” viewers will clearly learn the sad fate of still harnessed kids. Could they be the ones controlling the Mechs?

“Falling Skies” airs Sundays @ 9:00pm EST on TNT.