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August 26th, 2010

AGT Semi-Final Results: The First Five Finalists

On Tuesday, August 24, 2010, the first 12 semi-finalists battled for a chance to be in the Top 10 on season 5 of “America’s Got Talent.” Few of the acts stepped it up to produce the “wow” factor that Howie and America are looking for, yet five of the acts will be voted through to be in the Top Ten acts of season five of “America’s Got Talent.”

“America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finals Part 1 – Prince Poppycock is the New Queen!

The first twelve performers of the twenty-four fighting for a chance to be in the top ten talents on “America’s Got Talent” turned in a dismal performance last night. Some talents seemed to go backwards instead of looking for the “wow factor,” as Howie puts it.

“X” is the Word on “America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finals

The ever buzzer-happy Piers X’d a third of the twelve acts seen, while Sharon and Howie buzzed in with him on one particular act. Receiving the big red X from Piers were acts Future Funk, Connor Doran, AscenDance, and Kristina Young. Kristina was the unfortunate act to receive the triple X combo. Future Funk started out with a rap about their appearance on AGT, which made me wonder if they had hired the writing talent of fellow contestant CJ Dippa. Piers says they will be great…in the future. Sharon foresees the young boys having their own TV show. The judges were in agreement that the pop song choice to go with Connor’s indoor kite flying was all wrong. The poetic kite flier did not have the grace he previously showed us while flying to the faster paced music. AscenDance did not kick it up a notch. They came back with the same two wall dancers as last time and the same wall, only this time it had a city outline on it. I didn’t get that at all. And poor Kristina received the triple X strike out from the 3 judges when she tried to take on “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

This is the X-Free Zone on “America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finals

The eight remaining acts did not receive any X’s from the judges. The 3 acts that were just “there” last night included Christina & Ali, Antonio Restivo, and Dan Sperry. Christina & Ali were really flat while singing Mariah Carey’s “When You Believe.” Antonio ran around the stage making gestures while fire burned all around him until finally a couple of the girls decided to chain him up and throw him in a coffin shaped box that caught on fire. Of course, when the lid was opened Antonio was not in the box but appeared from stage right. The whole trick took way too long to perform. Dan was the biggest disappointment of the night for me. After making Howie run away from his last magic trick, his sawing off of Nick’s arm was, to put it in one word, lame. I haven’t seen magic like that since Chipps Cooney left. The meant to be distracting robot assistant was cool though.

The Shining (and Almost Shining) Stars on “America’s Got Talent” Semi-Finals

At the beginning of the show Sharon said that since AGT and the acts are now into the semi-finals the acts need to focus on their talent, focus like a star, fell like a star, and act like a star on stage. Anna & Patryk, Taylor Mathews, and Michael Grimm are on the fence for me, while ArcAttack and Prince Poppycock are definitely heads above the rest of the semi-finalist talents. Young ballroom dancers Anna & Patryk opened the show with what they called an angry dance – the Paso Doble. Lady Gaga makes another appearance as they dance to her “Paparazzi.” Taylor chose to move out of his comfort zone as acts are always pushed to do by the judges and played the piano in place of the guitar. I thought he did a wonderful job as he sang “Show Me What I’m Looking For” by Carolina Liar. He had a choir in the background shadows singing background vocals. I did not see any shaky-handed nerves when he was facing the judges after his performance as Piers suggested. Michael Grimm has been a fan favorite since day one; and while I like his personality and voice I am not rooting for any singers to be the big winner. Michael was once again sporting his signature fedora as he sang Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” while female dancers did a sort of striptease around him, but, of course, they all left their hats on. Once again the “fresh and original” electrifying act ArcAttack had to perform on a separate stage so the act wouldn’t play havoc with the electronic equipment on the AGT stage. Two guys on platforms made lightning bolts dance around using “swords” they were holding. At one time the bolts looked like they were playing chimes that were hanging from the front of the stage. Then a cage begins rising up from horizontal to vertical to reveal an “Elvira” zombie-Frankenstein inside. The guys began to zap the cage with her inside as they tried to “bring her to life.” Howie doesn’t believe that the home audience gets the full effect of the show, and I’m sure we don’t, but I still find it entertaining. But people that don’t understand the science involved probably don’t get the danger factor and everything that is involved in this act. Prince Poppycock. Doesn’t the name alone make you want to giggle just a little? Prince Poppycock is the new Queen as we hear a bit of a different side of his voice in his rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by, yes, Queen. Freddy Mercury must be enjoying this. Poppycock has made all his outrageous costumes and does all his own makeup which is just fabulous. Tonight’s costume is a baby-blue sailor outfit. Now tell me, have you ever listened to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and envisioned Freddy in a baby blue sailor outfit? He prances around the stage while breaking delicate pieces of china. Piers believes Poppycock “out-camped” Freddy, while Sharon dubs him the male version of Lady Gaga.

Tune in Wednesday, August 24, at 9 pm ET on NBC to see who America voted for and will go on to be one of the Top 10 acts of 2010. Special guests will be comedian Jimmy Fallon, former AGT finalists Recycled Percussion and Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue.

“America’s Got Talent” Semi Final Live in Hollywood aired Tuesday, August 24 at 9 pm ET on NBC.

“America’s Got Talent” Semi-Final Results Part 1

Last night Nick Cannon, the host of “America’s Got Talent” announced the 5 top vote-getters. I believe this announcement proved that America can get it wrong. It appears to me that Americans have fallen for sob stories over pure, raw talent as the results of the votes. But it really doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with the results – they are what they are.

What about you? Did your favorite act get the ax last night? Or is it yet to be seen if they will kick it up a notch and wow America?

Five of the Top Ten Acts on “America’s Got Talent” Have Been Decided

The first twelve performers of the twenty-four fighting for a chance to be in the top ten talents on “America’s Got Talent” are waiting in the Green Room to see if they made the cut after their performances on Tuesday night. Who did America vote for?

“America’s Got Talent” Shocks America

Nick Cannon started the first results show by calling four acts to the stage – ArcAttack, Dan Sperry, Kristina Young, and Future Funk. This should be a no-brainer. ArcAttack deserves to be in the top ten acts, but Nick throws us a curve ball when he opens the card to reveal the winner and shocks America when he announces that none of these acts will be going forward. Now, that was just mean to every one of those acts on stage. You know they all thought they had a one-in-four chance of going forward, yet all are eliminated proving that America can get it wrong.

Special Guests on “America’s Got Talent”

As has been the format in previous results shows on AGT, we now take a break from the real show and bring on some special guests to perform. “Recycled Percussion,” a finalist on last year’s “America’s Got Talent,” takes the stage and opens with “Barracuda” by Heart. Two of the guys are sitting on a big drum kit that is lowered to the floor like a big theater screen, sideways. The drummer is literally looking at the floor as he drums away. Then the guys break into what they really do – beat on everything with their sticks but drums. Last night the instruments of choice were two ladders that two drummers ran up and down beating on the ladder steps and sides. “Recycled Percussion” is currently playing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Following “Recycled Percussion” is comedian Jimmy Fallon. He gives Sharon a stopwatch and tells her he is going to do a new impression of a famous person every ten seconds; her job is to time him and tell him to switch every ten seconds. The people he impersonates will be talking about this year’s talents on “America’s Got Talent.” Jimmy impersonates Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Norm McDonald, Gilbert Godfried, Pee Wee Herman, Jeff Foxworthy, Eddie Murphy, Larry the Cable Guy, Steven Wright, and Adam Sandler – which were all good, but I didn’t understand why he had to announce who he was impersonating before each segment.

The First Act in the Top Ten Is…

Now back to the real reason why we are all tuned in as Nick calls AscenDance and Anna & Patryk to the stage. Surely at least one of these acts will be announced as a finalist this time; no more curve balls please. Making a comeback as a winner in the Wild Card show, young ballroom dancers Anna & Patryk are announced as the first act to be in the Top Ten of “America’s Got Talent.”

Another “Commercial” Break with Another Special Guest

Kylie Minogue, a pop singer from Australia, makes her American premiere singing her hit song “Get Out of My Way.” Yeah, that’s how I felt, too. Let’s get back to the real show.

Not Another Surprise!

Back to the show at hand, Nick calls three more acts to the stage – Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, and Taylor Mathews. Five acts have already been eliminated, and after this group there are only three acts left which will be a judge’s choice (unless they throw us another curve ball), so you do the math. All three of these acts deserve to go forward and they do. Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, and Taylor Mathews are the second, third and fourth acts in the Top Ten of “America’s Got Talent.”

The Judges Choice on “America’s Got Talent”

Now we’re down to three – Antonio Restivo, Christina & Ali, and Connor Doran. Before the judges choose, the act that received the lowest number of votes will be dismissed. America is shocked for the second time tonight when Antonio is eliminated, leaving Christina & Ali and Connor to face the judges. They both have background stories that tug on the heart, but that is not what this show is about and everyone seems to forget that; it is about raw talent. Piers casts the first vote for Christina & Ali; Howie thinks a variety act should be in the finals and votes for Connor leaving Sharon holding the final decision-making vote. At the last minute she decides to break one heart instead of two and chooses Christina & Ali.

Now it’s official. The first 5 acts in season five’s Top Ten on “America’s Got Talent” are Anna & Patryk (12-year-old ballroom dancers), Michael Grimm (blues singer), Prince Poppycock (classical singer/entertainer), and Taylor Mathews (pop singer).

Tune in next Tuesday, August 31, at 9 pm ET on NBC as the remaining 12 acts battle for the remaining 5 spots in the Top Ten. Acts competing are Alice Tan Ridley, Debra Romer, Fighting Gravity, Haspop, Jackie Evancho, Jeremy Vanschoovhoven, Maestro Alexander Bui, Michael Grasso, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, Murray, Nathaniel Kenyon, and Studio One Young Beast Society.

“America’s Got Talent” Semi Final results Show aired Wednesday, August 25 at 9 pm ET on NBC.


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