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February 9th, 2012

Who is the Next Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford?

GI_Joe-_Retaliation_stillThe other day I was sitting on the couch watching TV and on came a trailer about the new G.I. Joe movie. This particular clip (seen here) shows Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson in starring roles as G.I. Joes. My husband and I just looked at each other and said, “Really? Isn’t Bruce Willis getting a little old to be starring as a G.I Joe?” Which got us to thinking, what young actor is coming along that will take the place of the action-adventure stars like Bruce and Harrison Ford? Who are the Harrison Ford’s and Bruce Willis’ of today’s generation? (Props to Willis, who will turn 57 on March 19, for being able to continue to star in action-adventure films. He’s come a long ways since his “Moonlighting” days.)

The film also stars the young, hunky actor Channing Tatum who will be 32 on April 26. As a model turned actor, he wouldn’t be a bad choice to fill the shoes of Willis, but so far he hasn’t taken on the role of many action-adventure heroes.

Currently co-starring in “Safe House,” Ryan Reynolds is another name I would like to throw into the mix to become the next big action-adventure hero. Mainly known for his comedic roles, taking on a role in “X:Men Origins: Wolverine” was a step in the right direction to becoming an action-adventure star, but he took one step backwards when he put on a pair of tights in “Green Lantern.” Still, neither of those roles are even close to the characters that Willis and Ford have portrayed over the years. Maybe his role in “Safe House” will give him a leg up to becoming an action-adventure star.

What young actor do you think could be the Han Solo’s, Indiana Jones and John McClanes (“Die Hard”) of today?

G.I. Joe: Retaliation” opens in theaters on June 29, 2012.

Safe House” opens in theaters February 10, 2012.

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