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August 12th, 2010

YouTube Results Show on AGT

AmericasGotTalent Twelve acts from YouTube submissions to AGT have performed on the big stage. America has chosen 4 of them to go to the semi-finals. Did they handle the pressure? The 12 contestants in the running to go on to the semi-finals are (in alphabetical order): Austin Anderson, Booker Forte, Cam Hodges, Dan Sperry, Dylan Plummer, Jackie Evancho, Kristina Young, Maestro Alexander Bui, PLUtonic, Pizza Patt, Pup, and Ryan Rodriguez. Read about their live performances at "‘America’s Got Talent’ YouTube Talents Live in Hollywood, Part 5." On this episode of AGT, special guests Quick Change, Evolution of Dance and Lin You Chun all have YouTube clips that have gone viral. Read more at America’s Got Talent YouTube Results Show.

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