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March 12th, 2010

Summer Movie Preview – 2010

What better way to spend the hot summer than in a cool movie theater watching what was billed to be the biggest blockbuster of the summer? But you never know how good said movie will be until you actually see it. The month of May is when the official “summer season” begins in Hollywood. Here are the big summer movies expected to make a big splash in 2010. CLICK HERE for the sneak preview.


                       Freddy_Poster   ironman2_smallteaser   robin_hood_xlg   macgruber-poster

                        shrek_forever_after     Sex-and-the-City-2-Poster-405x600      prince of persia   get-him-to-the-greek-poster


                          a team        toystory3      grown-ups-2010_poster     eclipse-poster-twilight-saga

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