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July 13th, 2012

“Falling Skies” Renewed for Third Season

Noah Wylie as Tom

The newest aliens onthe block have garnered a decent fan base and ratings are up enough that TNT has ordered a third season of Falling Skies. Noah Wylie stars as Tom, who before the invasion was a mere history professor, as an unlikely leader helping lead the 2nd Mass in a revolution against the aliens.

The Steven Spielberg-produced series has 10 new episodes on tap for the 2013 season. When the series debuted last summer, Falling Skies was basic cable’s top new series of 2011. The second season is currently ranking as basic cable’s top summer drama with adults 18-49.

Falling Skies airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT.

July 10th, 2012

Love is in the Air on “Falling Skies”

Plus New Aliens are on the Horizon


Cast of "Falling Skies"

Despite being in the middle of a revolution against two different types of alien beings, the Skitters and the Mechs, there is love in the air on “Falling Skies.” It doesn’t take a genius to see that after numerous missions together a deep friendship has formed between Hal (Drew Roy) and his mission partner, Maggie (Sarah Carter). When the two are out on a scouting mission they have to take cover in a small car from the Mechs heading their way. While the Mechs trudge by them slowly, they are unaware of the romance coming to light in the tight confines of the partner’s hideaway where Maggie is literally having to lie on top of Hal to stay out of sight. While facing possible death, Hal realizes he has deep feelings for Maggie and will do anything to protect her. He can’t lose another girl like when his first love, Karen (Jessy Schram), was taken from him by the Skitters right before his eyes. But Maggie blocks Hal’s advances.

According to,  a harnessed Karen will return in a future episode where Hal will immediately take her side while the rest of the 2nd Mass is leary of her intentions. But through all the turmoil Karen brings to the camp, Maggie never leaves Hal’s side and is in fact the only one that can get through to him.

Recently revealed is that the Skitter known as “Red Eye” (they had to do something to distinguish one Skitter from another) is apparently the leader of a Skitter revolution against the Mechs and they want to team up with the humans. Of course all the humans, including Tom (Noah Wyle) who was rescued by Red Eye when he was on the alien ship, have their doubts about his true intentions. Executive producer Remi Aubichon promises that even though the Skitters may become allies, there are still plenty of human-hunting creatures who have yet to be seen. Aubichon also reveals that in the August 5 episode titled “Death March,” viewers will clearly learn the sad fate of still harnessed kids. Could they be the ones controlling the Mechs?

“Falling Skies” airs Sundays @ 9:00pm EST on TNT.


June 16th, 2012

New on TV: June 17 – 23, 2012

All times listed as EST.
Programming schedules subject to change.

Sunday, June 17

falling-skies19:00pm Falling Skies (TNT)

It’s finally happened. The alien race humans have dubbed Skitters and Mechs have attacked Earth and left most of it incapacitated. Human survivors have bonded to form a resistance group known as 2nd Mass in Boston led by history professor Tom Mason (Noah Wyle). Mason’s wife was killed in the first wave attack and one of his 3 sons has been captured by the aliens. Season one left viewers with a cliff hanger when Tom boarded the alien ship. “Falling Skies” is executive-produced by Steven Spielberg. Season Premiere.
Monday, June 18

10:00pm *The Glass House (ABC)

Seven teams of two work to solve a wall puzzle based on information about their fellow contestants. Series Premiere.

Wednesday, June 20

8:30pm *Baby Daddy (ABC FAMILY)

Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), in his early 20’s, learns he has a baby daughter when his ex-girlfriend leaves the baby on his doorstep for him to raise. Luckily he’s not alone in this ordeal. He has help from his mother Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), his brother Danny (Derek Theler), his best friend Tucker (Tahj Mowry) and Riley (Chelsea Kane), a friend who is a girl but not his girlfriend (although she does have a secret crush on him). Series Premiere.

10:00pm *Inside Men (BBC AMERICA)

With the economy in such a sad shape, when an opportunity presents itself even the average guy is tempted to do something out of his comfort zone. Three security men, John (Steven Mackintosh), Chris (Ashley Walters) and Marcus (Warren Bown), get together to plan the heist of a lifetime to the tune of a few million dollars. Series Premiere.

Thursday, June 21

10:00pm *America’s Worst Tattoos (TLC)

Crazy Clown, Bunny and Pony Obsessions – A woman whose ex gave her an x-rated tattoo gets a tattoo transformation. Series Premiere.

June 15th, 2012

Falling Skies Returns

June 17, 9:00pm, TNT

FallingSkies1If aliens mess with planet Earth, then they’ll have to face off with Noah Wyle and his team of rebels. The previously mild-mannered professor and unlikeliest of Earth-defending action heroes returns to defend his family and take back his home planet from an alien invasion. The first season gave us the story background including family ties, alien invaders and local militia who are fighting off the unwanted aliens and trying to get back their children who have been harnessed to be used as slaves for their personal purpose. This season get ready for more political jousting in the militia and gnarly combat scenes with the Skitters.

Sci-fi adventure and family dynamics remain the trademarks of Falling Skies, which became an instant hit last summer. But that formula — a signature of exec producer Steven Spielberg — is pumped with more testosterone in Season 2. Producers and cast are confident they’ll be delivering more edge and ramped up action this summer. “Everything’s stepped up a notch,” Wyle tells, “especially the level of threat and deprivation.” Wyle promises the big questions will be answered this season: “Why are the aliens here? What purpose does the planet serve to them?”

The season opens three months after Tom (Wyle) entered an enemy spaceship in last summer’s finale, invited by an Overlord, a rep of a previously unseen alien species. Tom agreed to go in search of more information about his son Ben, who was abducted by the aliens and attached to an organic harness that, though physically removed, has kept the teen psychically tethered to the oppressors. Visiting the enemy’s lair was not well-received by Tom’s team — or Twitter. “I didn’t know it was so controversial until 11:01 on the night it aired,” Wyle admits. “I got calls from friends and family, like ‘What the hell? You’re not going to wake up naked in a cornfield, are you?’”

“To me,” the actor protests, “it seemed like a bold move. It might not be a wise decision, but it’s an important plot point. Tom’s family is his Achilles’ heel and that’s the leverage they use on him.” Flashbacks will reveal the character’s ordeal and encounters with the mysterious alien who’s seemingly above the Skitters’ pay grade and giving the orders.

When Tom returns to the 2nd Mass, he finds a darker unit, demoralized by Skitter attacks that have killed hundreds and destroyed their schoolhouse haven. Among the most cynical is Ben. “He’s become distant and cold, and he’s taking out his anger on the Skitters,” says Jessup. Making it even worse, his comrades don’t view him as human now that he, as Roy puts it, is “full of Skitter juice,” which gives him superhuman senses and strength.

Pope (Colin Cunningham) and his shady “Berserkers” gang are not happy that Tom is back either. They ask the questions others are thinking: Did Tom make a deal with the aliens to save his son? How far will he go to save his family? The answer to the second question is, most likely, very far.

At least now Tom can seek solace from company medic Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood), as both try to move past tragic losses in what is called “postapocalyptic dating.” Their romance barely gets off the ground when a pilot flies in to spread the almost unbelievable word that there’s a new “Continental Congress” in Charleston ready to begin an organized resistance. Tom considers going, but suspicious unit commander Weaver (Will Patton) is certainly not ready to head south. After all, there are a lot of Skitters between Massachusetts and South Carolina.

One Skitter who might not be quite so menacing is Red Eye, a character that might reveal possible discord in the aliens’ structure. Could certain invaders have sympathy for the humans? “This season is about who’s on what side,” says Bloodgood. “The gray areas of war are always interesting to watch.”

Wyle acknowledges “the tricky line the show has to walk. We’re not on Syfy; we’re on TNT. We’re creating a show that has something for everyone.” To genre lover Bloodgood, this season is on the right side of the line: “This year, we’re primarily science fiction, which doesn’t mean we’re lacking in human story. The alien stories are just a little bit more clever, with one species after another ready to destroy humanity.” In other words, brace yourself for close encounters of the deadliest kind.

Falling Skies premieres Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.